Elite Elevator modernization services in the Tampa Bay Area

Elite Elevator Modernization

Elevator Maintenance, Repair & Modernization

Elite Elevator provides 24 hour service.

Elite Elevator will help you achieve your modernization goals by providing expertise and superior modernization techniques.

Elite Elevator – Elevator Modernization and Interior Cab Renovations

Modernization’s are extensive upgrading of an existing elevators crucial parts to increase performance, reliability, durability and most importantly safety of an older elevator. Additionally, making the elevator compatible with new regulations, compliance, codes, and up to date technology. Elite Elevator has over 25 years of hands on experience modernizing both traction and hydraulic elevator systems.

Interior Elevator Cabs

Elite Elevator is proud to offer interior cab renovation. From Stainless Steel Cladding to Paneling, Ceilings Lighting and Flooring. Elite Elevator offers an extensive array of color samples, materials, textures, fixtures, and finishes to complete the décor of your elevator. ​

With attention to every detail, we help you consider aesthetics, cost effectiveness and serviceability.
We provide complete product lines to choose from and coordinate planning to assure a successful project Solid-state control and microprocessor-based dispatching system can increase reliability while reducing passenger waiting time by up to 30%. Monitoring traffic conditions means minimizing needless wear and tear on equipment, which can help reduce maintenance costs. The performance and appearance of a modernized elevator will enhance a building’s market value and increase tenant satisfaction.

Non-Proprietary Equipment

We use only Non Proprietary Equipment including controllers featuring on board diagnostic capabilities and equipment vendors with over 30 years in business, located only in the in the United States.

Controllers today are solid state and in some cases they are “Proprietary”. With the increase of elevator technology there are some companies out there who install equipment that only they can maintain. This is known as “proprietary equipment”. While the initial modernization price may appear competitive at first, beware that installing proprietary equipment can lead to being locked into that one company, creating high maintenance and repair costs later down the road.

Elite Elevator can work off your existing plans provided by a general contractor, consultant, or advisor or provide you with a comprehensive evaluation and recommendations for your particular application. We provide detail written proposals which details and outlines the scope of work to be performed as well as equipment being installed.